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Family Vision

Strengthening families through practical, encouraging & real conversations.

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Living Together is a Disaster!

Living Together is a Disaster!

Join Rob and Amy Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries as they dive into an important and often controversial topic: couples living together before marriage. In this insightful episode, they explore the modern phenomenon of cohabitation, armed with statistics from the 2020 census and insights from a September 2023 article. Discover why this trend, which has become increasingly common, may not be the “test run” for marriage it’s often thought to be.

Can Your Kids Share the Gospel? Featuring Greg Stier

Can Your Kids Share the Gospel? Featuring Greg Stier

In this enlightening episode of Family Vision, join Rob Rienow and special guest Greg Stier as they delve into the vital topic of empowering families to share the Gospel. Discover practical steps to nurture a gospel-sharing culture within your family, understand the importance of leading by example, and learn effective strategies for engaging in meaningful spiritual conversations. Tune in for a transformative discussion that promises to enrich your family’s faith journey and ignite a passion for sharing Christ’s love with others.


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