My Child's Emotions Are Out of Control - with Scott Turansky (Bonus Episode) - Visionary Family Ministries

My Child’s Emotions Are Out of Control – with Scott Turansky (Bonus Episode)


In this special bonus episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob Rienow is joined by Dr. Scott Turansky from the National Center for Biblical Parenting. They delve into the complex world of children’s emotions, discussing the challenges faced by children who either express excessive emotions or seem withdrawn and unemotional. Dr. Turansky shares expert advice on how parents can effectively navigate and respond to their children’s emotional states, emphasizing the importance of understanding and validation. Whether your child is highly expressive or more reserved, this episode offers valuable guidance for fostering healthy emotional development and strengthening family relationships.

Tune in to discover practical strategies for helping your child navigate their emotions in a constructive and nurturing way.

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