After years of counseling engaged and married couples, we realized most Christian couples didn’t have a biblical mission and purpose for their family. They’d learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, but they didn’t know WHY God had brought them together. Visionary Marriage equip married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian mission for their life together.

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Visionary Marriage

Discover God’s purpose for your marriage from Ephesians 5 with Dr. Rob Rienow. Get the complete Visionary Marriage DVD Bible Study today.

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A Wife’s Call To Prayer

It has been more than three years that there has been an urging in me that I needed to pray more consistently and intentionally for my husband. While I pray a lot about my marriage, that is often a quite different matter than praying for my husband. A long time ago I...

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Is Your Marriage a House with No Foundation?

Getting married without a Christ-centered, Bible-driven purpose is like building a house without a foundation. It can be done. You can purchase a plot of ground, and pay someone to starting building you a house…right there on the grass. The frame will go up, and the...

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What is a Visionary Marriage?

Can a Christian man and a Christian woman be married to one another, but not have a Christian marriage? Absolutely. Two Christians can say “I do,” but not have a shared, compelling, Bible-driven vision for their life together. Find a Christian engaged couple. Ask...

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