Can AI Help Your Marriage? - Visionary Family Ministries

Can AI Help Your Marriage?


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In this thought-provoking episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow explore the complex and often humorous world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its reflections on marriage. The episode begins with a light-hearted experiment where Karl Bastian uses ChatGPT to generate jokes about marriage, revealing the internet’s skewed perspective!

Rob and Amy dive deep into the contrast between these AI-generated views and the biblical understanding of marriage. They discuss the importance of leaving, cleaving, and becoming one, as outlined in Genesis 2:26, and how modern culture often inverts this divine order. The They share insights from their own journey and the challenges they faced in aligning their marriage with God’s blueprint.

Listeners will be encouraged to examine their own views on marriage, consider the impact of cultural influences, and rediscover the beauty and purpose of marriage as intended by God.

Join the Rienows for a refreshing look at marriage, blending humor, personal experience, and biblical wisdom.

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