My Child Can't Express Emotion - with Scott Turansky (Bonus Episode) - Visionary Family Ministries

My Child Can’t Express Emotion – with Scott Turansky (Bonus Episode)


Join Dr. Rob Rienow on Family Vision as he continues his conversation with Dr. Scott Turansky from the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

This special bonus episode focuses on developing emotional intelligence in children. Dr. Turansky provides an in-depth exploration of emotional intelligence, breaking it down into its core components and discussing how to nurture these skills in children.

He addresses the varying levels of emotional awareness and responsiveness in children, offering insights into how parents can guide their children towards better understanding and managing their emotions.

This discussion is a must-listen for parents seeking to equip their children with the skills necessary for recognizing and responding to their own emotions and those of others.

Discover key strategies to help your child develop emotional intelligence, a critical aspect of their overall wellbeing and success.

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