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Our passion is to share biblical principles and practical applications to help families grow in faith and help future generations follow Jesus.

Conferences Tailored for Your Church

Partner with our team to customize your event to meet the unique needs of your church family. Many churches start with a Visionary Marriage date night on a Friday evening, followed by a Visionary Parenting Conference on Saturday.

Learn about some of our most requested ministry events here, as well as our additional conference topics. If you have questions about topic selection for your conference, we are here to assist.

Visionary Marriage

Visionary Marriage 

Married and engaged couples will:

  • Discover God’s purpose for their marriage 
  • Learn essential principles for navigating conflict
  • Grow in oneness 
  • Strengthen their spiritual relationship
Visionary Parenting

Visionary Parenting & Grandparenting 

Parents and grandparents will be encouraged to: 

  • Discover God’s purpose for their family    
  • Build stronger relationships with their children  and grandchildren
  • Spiritually lead their family 
  • Create a more peaceful home

Encouraging Single Parents 

Single parents have unique challenges and special opportunities. Through our conferences, single parents will be encouraged to: 

  • Build stronger relationships with their children 
  • Prioritize spiritual life at home   
  • Develop a prayer strategy for their kids 
  • Help their children navigate issues of anger and unforgiveness 
Visionary Family

Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Child 

This is a ministry event for parents who have older teens and adult children. Special attention is given to encourage parents whose children may be struggling in their faith. Parents will better understand how to: 

  • Build stronger relationships with their adult children 
  • Pray strategically for their son or daughter’s spiritual growth 
  • Develop new approaches for spiritual conversations 
  • Pursue healing for strained relationships

Healing Family Relationships:

  • Details coming soon

Family Events

Our family events  include interactive, worship ful, and biblical experiences for all ages!  For an extended evening together, generations will: 

  • Experience engaging Bible teaching and worshi
  • Learn through interactive object lessons 
  • Catch a vision for stronger family relationships 
  • Have a lot of fun together

Family Retreats 

You have heard of men’s, women’s and youth retreats. We offer family retreats! Our team will partner with your church to coordinate a weekend experience for families of all ages.  We are prepared to lead the entire Family Weekend Away in your local area or fill any gaps that your staff needs organized. Through these 2-day overnight retreats families will: 

  • Receive Biblical teaching and break-out sessions for all ages 
  • Share engaging worship moments 
  • Build stronger relationships 
  • Have a lot of fun together to create lasting memories
Visionary Church

Youth Group Events 

Being a Christian teenager is not easy! Lissy Rienow has encouraged teens around the world to grow in their faith and in their family relationships. Teens will be challenged to: 

  • Grow in their relationships with parents 
  • Strengthen connections with siblings  
  • Catch a vision for servant leadership at home 
  • Work through conflict and anger

Church Leadership Training 

We have been blessed with the global opportunity to help church leaders develop Bible-driven family ministries. Our heart is to see local churches and families partnering together to advance the Gospel. Church leaders will be encouraged to: 

  • Equip families to pass faith through the generations 
  • Help each ministry of the church engage with families 
  • Develop a generational model of discipleship 
  • Train families how to worship God at home

Men’s Women’s Conferences 

We are available to speak at your men’s or women’s ministry event. Our focus is equipping men and women to: 

  • Prioritize their personal relationship with God 
  • See their home as their most important ministry priority 
  • Develop a multi-generational vision for their familie

Sunday Morning Preaching  

It would be an honor to share in your church’s Sunday morning worship ministry. Dr. Rienow’s biblical messages often focus on: 

  • Healing Family Relationships 
  • Encouraging Families with the Gospel 
  • Calling Families to Engage in Ministry 
  • Casting biblical vision for multi-generational connection and impact 
More Topics

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If you have questions about topic selection for your conference, we are here to assist.

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Want to learn more about hosting a Visionary Family Conference in your area, need support for your family, want to order resources, or have other questions? Please contact us.