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Can Your Kids Share the Gospel? Featuring Greg Stier


As we enter a new year, many families are looking for ways to deepen their spiritual journey and impact the world positively. On the latest episode of Family Vision, hosted by Rob Rienow with his special guest Greg Stier, we explored an essential aspect of Christian life: sharing the Gospel.

Embracing Evangelism in Family Life

The episode kicked off with a crucial question: Are our kids prepared to share the good news of Jesus? This question isn’t just about our children; it reflects on us as parents too. Greg Stier pointed out that our effectiveness in sharing the Gospel starts with our own actions. If parents are actively sharing their faith, it naturally encourages their children to do the same.

The Power of Example

Children often emulate what they see in their parents. If we integrate evangelism into our daily lives, our kids are likely to follow suit. This doesn’t mean becoming a street preacher overnight but involves simple acts like praying for others, having spiritual conversations, and showing genuine interest in people’s lives and beliefs.

Practical Steps for Sharing the Gospel

Stier shared a practical approach to evangelism that families can easily adopt: the ‘Ask, Admire, Admit’ strategy. This method focuses on asking questions to understand others better, admiring their beliefs or experiences, and finally admitting our own need for a savior. This approach is both respectful and effective in opening doors for deeper conversations about faith.

Gospel Acrostic: A Tool for Sharing Faith

A highlight of the discussion was the introduction of the Gospel acrostic G.O.S.P.E.L, which stands for God, Our sins, Paying the price for sin, Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life, and Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever. This simple yet profound tool provides a clear and concise way to explain the core message of Christianity.

Empowering the Next Generation

The episode concluded with an emphasis on equipping our children to share their faith confidently. This includes teaching them the Gospel acrostic, encouraging them to pray for their friends, and leading by example in everyday evangelism.

The conversation between Rob Rienow and Greg Stier was not just enlightening but also a call to action for families. It reminded us that sharing the Gospel isn’t a task reserved for pastors and missionaries but a joyful responsibility of every Christian family. By embracing this mission, we can truly make a difference in our communities and beyond.

For more insights and practical tips on faith and family life, tune into Family Vision, where Rob and Amy Rienow bring you encouraging and real conversations to strengthen your family’s spiritual journey.

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