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Staying Spiritually Hydrated


In this episode of “Family Vision,” Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries explore the essential theme of sustaining a vibrant spiritual life within the family. Utilizing the metaphor of a Christmas tree’s need for constant hydration, the Rienows share personal stories and scriptural teachings to highlight the importance of remaining spiritually connected.

The episode unfolds with the Rienows sharing their family tradition of selecting a Christmas tree from Ben’s tree farm. This seemingly simple family activity leads to an enlightening discussion when their tree unexpectedly dries out. This incident becomes a powerful analogy for the risk of spiritual dryness, particularly in family settings.

Rob and Amy openly discuss their own challenges and victories and finding comfort in Scripture during challenging times. They focus on the concept of ‘abiding in the vine’ as mentioned in John 15:4-5, demonstrating how this idea can profoundly impact our daily lives and family relationships.

Additionally, the episode offers practical suggestions for fostering a spiritually rich atmosphere at home. Strategies such as sharing daily highs and lows, participating in family worship, and using resources like their “Family Worship Genesis” guide are discussed. This guide, available as a complimentary ebook, serves as a resourceful tool for families to collectively explore the Book of Genesis in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

“Family Vision” is more than a podcast; it’s a call to families seeking deeper faith and stronger bonds. Whether grappling with spiritual dryness or searching for methods to enhance your family’s faith journey, this episode provides wisdom, humor, and biblical guidance for cultivating a spiritually fulfilling household.

Featured Resource:

Get your free ebook copy of “Family Worship Genesis” at This guide provides a comprehensive and engaging way for families to explore the book of Genesis together, with activities, discussions, and prayers suitable for all ages.

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