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Turn to God’s Word in Everything


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The Bible speaks to every important area of our lives. In this episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow invite families to explore the profound truth that God’s Word provides Christians with principles and practical guidance for everyday life.

Drawing from Psalm 119:105 and 2 Timothy 3:14-16, Rob & Amy point to the sufficiency, clarity, and practicality of the Bible. They challenge listeners to turn first to Scripture when they need wisdom and face difficult decisions.

From personal struggles with anxiety to the broader challenges of parenting, this episode is an encouragement and challenge to rekindle your commitment to Scripture as your final authority for all life.

Featured Resources:

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Discover ‘Jesus: The Reigning King’, a guide to transforming your family life through regular worship, prayer, and Bible reading, inviting the ever-present King Jesus into every moment: https://visionaryfam.com/shop/jesus-the-reigning-king/

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