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The Power of Servant Leadership: Living for Christ at Home, Part 4

In our culture and communities, we talk a lot about leadership. How can you be a leader among your friends? How can you be a leader at school? How can you be a leader in the world? However, although leadership is a valuable attribute, I believe that we have lost one of the most important aspects of leadership. Like anything in life, we can look to the Bible to find what it means to be a true leader.

Sorrow and Hope

As many of you know, Amy’s brother John died in an accident almost two months ago. He and his wife Meg, along with his five children, are all very close to our family. Since his passing we have been walking the difficult journey of grief…and hope. Our 13-year-old...

Give Me Your Heart: Living for Christ at Home, Part 3

Solomon writes to his son in Proverbs 23 saying, “My son, give me your heart.” For many teenagers this sounds strange. What does it mean to “give our heart” to our parents?

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