The Destructive Impact of COVID on Families - Visionary Family Ministries

The Destructive Impact of COVID on Families


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COVID has put enormous pressure on families and churches and many of the foundations are crumbling. Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow had the opportunity to sit down for a wide-ranging conversation with Carey Green, from The Morning Mindset podcast. Here are some of the questions that we address on this episode:

  • How has COVID impacted our families and churches?
  • Marriage, and the institution of marriage, is under attack. Why is this happening and what hope is there for couples who are struggling?
  • What is a spirit of individualism and how does that work against a healthy marriage?
  • Is a wife’s primary ministry her home and family? Is the same true for the husband?
  • Is living together a good idea?
  • If we have made a lot of mistakes in our family relationships, is it too late to discover and experience God’s plan?

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