How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism with Samuel Sey, Part 2 - Visionary Family Ministries

How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism with Samuel Sey, Part 2


Should people be judged on the color of their skin, or the content of their character? That question from Martin Luther King Jr is front and center in our world today.

How should Christians think about race and racism? What does the Bible teach about race and ethnicity? How can we give our children a biblical worldview and equip them to shine God’s love toward all people?

This is part 2 of Dr. Rob Rienow’s conversation with Samuel Sey. Samuel is a dynamic Christian thinker, blogger, and cultural commentator. God is using him to help Christians around the world think biblically about many controversial issues in our modern culture. Learn more about Samuel and connect with his ministry and writings at:, as well as on your favorite social media channel.

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