Is Single Parenting Mission Impossible? - with Anna Meade Harris - Visionary Family Ministries
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Is Single Parenting Mission Impossible? – with Anna Meade Harris


In this important episode of Family Vision, Rob Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries is joined by special guest Anna Meade Harris, author of the new book, God’s Grace for Every Family. They delve into the profound challenges (and unexpected blessings) of single parenting.

Anna shares her journey from being happily married with three sons to suddenly becoming a widow after her husband’s cancer diagnosis. She discusses the unique ways each of her children grieved and the unexpected difficulties that arose in their family dynamics. Anna shares how she experienced God’s mercy, grace, and power as well as the essential role that her church and supportive friends played in helping her navigate this new chapter of life.

Anna reflects on specific Bible passages that brought her comfort and strength, particularly Psalm 126, and how journaling and prayer became vital tools in her spiritual journey.

Listeners will find inspiration and hope in Anna’s story, learning that God’s grace is sufficient even in the most challenging circumstances. The episode also offers valuable resources for single parents, including Anna’s book and a free four-part video Bible study from Visionary Family Ministries.

Featured Resources:

Book – God’s Grace for Every Family: Anna Harris’s book offers hope and encouragement for single parents, filled with scripture and practical advice: 

Four-Part Video Bible Study – Encouragement for Single Parents: Available for free with promo code ‘SINGFREE2024’: 

Prayer Support: Email Rob and Amy Rienow at Visionary Family Ministries for prayer support and feedback at

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