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Jesus: The Reigning King: A Guide for Family Worship

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Worship, Pray to Jesus & Read the Bible as a Family

King Jesus is present in your home every moment of every day. Most Christian families would agree with the above statement. But sadly, most Christian families do not take regular time to worship Jesus, pray to Jesus, and read His Word together as a family. Jesus: The Reigning King will provide you with a simple plan for what could be a transformational week in your family’s history.

In just five days your family will have the opportunity to:

  1. Discover who Jesus really is
  2. Worship King Jesus together
  3. Deepen your family’s prayer life
  4. Connect your hearts together in Christ
  5. Catch a new vision for how God can use your family for His kingdom.

Bring this Message to Your Church or Small Group

Share this Bible study with your church family or small group. All Visionary Family Minsitries Bible studies are available as Video Bible Studies, taught by Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow. These multi-part series are a great way to equip your church and  family to make a difference in the world for Christ! Live Visionary Family Conferences are also available. Hosting a live conference is a powerful way to impact your entire church with a vision for family discipleship. Learn More