Discover God’s purpose for your marriage from Ephesians 5 with Dr. Rob Rienow. Get the complete Visionary Marriage DVD Bible Study by clicking here.

In this message, Dr. Rob Rienow shares an honest, biblical plan for how your family can experience the power and freedom of forgiveness.


I Grew Up In a Christian Home, But…

In our early years in ministry, we led dozens of youth retreats and mission trips. Often, when we returned from these “spiritual mountain top” experiences, the church would gather for a worship service where students shared testimonies about the trip. So many of the...

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Don’t Delegate Your Teen Away!

We live in a world of delegation parenting. Do you want your children to learn to play the piano? Sign them up for piano lessons. Do you want them to learn basketball? Find a coach. Do you want them to learn math? Hire a tutor. Do you want them to learn about Jesus?...

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Confessions from Rob and Amy

Sadly, in the early years of my (Rob’s) journey as a parent, my heart was not turned toward my children. Amy and I were married in 1994. During our first 10 years together, I was serving as a youth pastor and we were blessed with four children. Even though I...

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