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Family Worship: Genesis

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Study the Bible & Pray Together as a Family

“Family Worship: Genesis” is a guide to help families grow closer to Jesus and deepen their faith together. The guide covers the book of Genesis and includes a fun family activity, songs to sing, a guided Bible reading, discussion questions, prayer time, follow-up questions, suggested scripture memory verse, catechism questions, and even a “Digging Deeper” section for teenagers. The guide is designed for families with children of all ages and includes extra activities for preschoolers. By reading the Bible and praying together regularly, families will grow in their love and understanding of God.

The guide is divided into 16 weekly chapters, each covering a different part of Genesis, including the creation of the world, the first sin, Noah and the flood, God’s call to Abraham, the story of Joseph, and more. This guide is an essential tool for parents and families who are looking to lead their children in the faith and build a strong foundation of love and knowledge of God. Start reading the Bible and praying together as a family today!

Each Week’s Family Worship Experience Includes:

  • A fun & easy family activity
  • Songs to sing
  • A guided Bible reading
  • Discussion questions (& answers!)
  • Prayer time
  • Follow up questions to use during the week
  • Suggested Scripture memory verse
  • Catechism questions
  • “Digging Deeper” section for teenagers
  • Extra activities for preschoolers

Weekly Chapters:

Week 1: Genesis 1:1–2:3: God Creates the Heavens and the Earth

Week 2: Genesis 1:26–2:25: God Creates Man and Woman

Week 3: Genesis 3:1–24: Adam and Eve Sin Against God

Week 4: Genesis 4:1–16: Cain Rebels Against God

Week 5: Genesis 6:1–7:24: God Floods the Earth

Week 6: Genesis 8:1–9:17: God Saves Noah

Week 7: Genesis 11:1–9: The Tower of Babel

Week 8: Genesis 11:27–12:20: God Calls Abraham

Week 9: Genesis 16:1–18:15: Abraham and Sarah Doubt God

Week 10: Genesis 18:16–19:29: God Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

Week 11: Genesis 21:1–14: God Keeps His Promise

Week 12: Genesis 22:1–19: God Tests Abraham

Week 13: Genesis 25:21–26, 27:1–45: God Chooses Jacob Over Esau

Week 14: Genesis 32: Jacob Returns Home and Wrestles with God

Week 15: Genesis 37: God Saves Joseph

Week 16: Genesis 39–50: God Saves Joseph and His Family

Bring this Message to Your Church or Small Group

Share this Bible study with your church family or small group. All Visionary Family Minsitries Bible studies are available as Video Bible Studies, taught by Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow. These multi-part series are a great way to equip your church and  family to make a difference in the world for Christ! Live Visionary Family Conferences are also available. Hosting a live conference is a powerful way to impact your entire church with a vision for family discipleship. Learn More