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Let There Be Fish: Become a Fisherman of Faith

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Become a Fisherman of Faith

The sun is just coming up. The water is mirror flat, covered with wisps of morning fog. Before your first cast, you pause… just to take in the moment. Fishing is a spiritual experience. This sentiment has been expressed down through the centuries by philosophers and fishermen alike. For most of us, fishing is more than a hobby. It is an opportunity to enjoy creation, unplug, build relationships, and experience a special kind of peace. But connecting with creation is not enough. We need to connect with the Creator. That is what this devotional is all about.

Did you know that the Bible is packed with references to fish, fishing, boats, and fishermen? In each of the short chapters ahead, we will explore these ancient writings to discover who God is, who we are, and how we can experience true spiritual life. This journey will be less about fishing and more about the One who made it possible. Some of the readings will be light-hearted, fun, and even humorous. Others will be more challenging, convicting, and personal. We will let each Bible passage determine the course of the conversation.

Read a chapter before you head out to fish or when you take a break for lunch. Read with your friends and share your thoughts with one another. Parents and grandparents, take 10 minutes to read a devotion, before, during or after your fishing time with your children or grandchildren. You will strengthen your relationships and your faith at the same time.

I have been blessed with seven kids. Two love to fish, two like it, and three could take it or leave it – not a bad ratio. I love how fishing helps create special memories with them, but honestly I often miss out on having meaningful conversations with my children when we are fishing simply because I am simply not intentional. Now I have no excuse.

Give extra attention to the “Pray,” “Take Action,” and “Go Deeper,” points at the end of each chapter. Incredible spiritual


What’s Inside?



Chapter 1: God Likes Fish – Genesis 1:20-21

Chapter 2 All Kinds of Fish – Genesis 1:20-21

Chapter 3 Don’t Spook Them – Genesis 9:2

Chapter 4 The Original Red Tide – Exodus 7:20-24

Chapter 5 A Wall of Water – Exodus 14:21-29

Chapter 6 Obsessed! – Deuteronomy 4:18

Chapter 7 Man vs. Fish – Psalm 8

Chapter 8 Taking Dominion – Psalm 8

Chapter 9 Break Time – Nehemiah 13:15-18

Chapter 10 When a Fish Ate a Man – Jonah 1:17

Chapter 11 From the Belly of the Beast – Jonah 2:2-9

Chapter 12 A Second Chance – Jonah 2:8-3:3

Chapter 13 A Hook Through the Nose – 2 Chronicles 33

Chapter 14 No Fishing! – Amos 4:2

Chapter 15 The Dead Sea – Ezekiel 47:7-12

Chapter 16 Sea Monsters – Job 41:1-11

Chapter 17 Like Fish in the Net – Ecclesiastes 9:12

Chapter 18 Skunked! – Luke 5:1-11

Chapter 19 Fishermen Wanted – Luke 5:9-11

Chapter 20 A Boy Shares His Fish – John 6:1-15

Chapter 21 A Snake or a Fish? – Luke 11:11-13 

Chapter 22 Keepers Only – Matthew 13:47-50

Chapter 23 What’s in That Fish’s Mouth? – Matthew 17:24-27

Chapter 24 More Powerful Than a Storm – Luke 8:22-25

Chapter 25 Do Ghosts Eat Fish? – Luke 24:36-43

Chapter 26 Skunked Again – John 21:1-8

Chapter 27 Fish Fry with Jesus – John 21:9-14

Chapter 28 A Broken Rudder – James 3:4-5

Chapter 29 Is Your Anchor Holding? – Hebrews 6:19-20a

Chapter 30 The River of Life – Revelation 22:1-5

Bonus Section #1 Four Fishermen Who Changed the World

Bonus Section #2 The Secret Sign

Grow in Your Faith and Fishing

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