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It's Never Too Late To Build Faith in Your Adult Children

The Mission of Parenting Doesn’t End After Your Kids Become Adults

We have been overwhelmed with the number of people we have met around the country who are hurting because their adult children are struggling in their faith…or who have rejected faith all together. Never Too Late will encourage and inspire you with biblical principles to build a closer relationship with your adult child, and give you practical ways to encourage faith in their hearts.

The Book

An Essential Guide for Parents Looking to Build Faith in Their Adult Children.

The Bible Study

A Powerful 4 Week Parenting Study, Perfect for Churches & Small Groups.

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What Parents Are Saying

“Everything about this book spoke to me as I read it. I have struggled with knowing what to do to bring my adult children to Christ. When they were young, I knew of Jesus and was even a Christian, but I didn’t have a RELATIONSHIP with Him and therefore didn’t fully comprehend the importance of encouraging that in them. This book gave solid, biblical advice in this area, and completely changed my approach to this situation.

— Lisa S,

“As a pastor, I highly recommend this book! I facilitated a group study through this book involving parents and grandparents over the course of several weeks, and it provided practical biblical wisdom to help them reconnect with sons, daughters, and grandchildren. I regularly preach and teach on family discipleship in my church and others. I discovered that there was a significant number of people who struggled in their faith because their children, whom they had raised up in church, became estranged from God and/or their family.

— Ben P,

“This was a great, very encouraging book for parents of adult children who feel like they don’t have a role in their kids lives anymore. We are never done being a parent, although the way we parent changes once our children are adults. I was very encouraged that God is not done with me yet in influencing, affecting, and having an impact on the lives of my children and grandchildren for our eternal future. It is my hope that we all arrive safely together in heaven.”

— J Rust,

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