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Never Too Late: Video Bible Study

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The Mission of Parenting Doesn’t End After Your Kids Become Adults

As parents, it can be difficult to see our adult children struggle with their faith or reject it altogether. At Visionary Family Ministries, we understand this pain and frustration and are here to offer support through our video bible study “Never too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Children.” Led by Dr. Rob Rienow, this study provides biblical principles and practical steps for parents to reconnect with their adult children and help foster their faith.

This four-session video study covers topics such as understanding why many young adults have left the faith, how to deepen one’s personal commitment to prayer and spiritual growth, overcoming barriers of unforgiveness, and creating a stronger relationship through honesty and openness. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long and is designed to offer encouragement and inspiration to parents who want to help their adult children grow in their faith.

Session Overviews

Average Length: 40 minutes

Session 1: How Could This Happen?
Millions of young adults who grew up in Christian homes and churches have left the faith. What went wrong?

Session 2: Offer Your Heart to the Lord
We can’t lead our children in a direction we are not going in ourselves. In this session, parents are encouraged to deepen their personal commitment to prayer and spiritual growth.

Session 3: Turn Your Heart to Your Child
This session focuses on breaking down barriers of unforgiveness, and empowering parents with a renewed commitment to build a better relationship with their adult children.

Session 4: Draw Your Child’s Heart to Yours & Point Their Heart to Christ
The final session is filled with practical steps for creating a stronger relationship with your adult children, building more honesty and openness, and starting spiritual conversations. Sessions average 40 minutes each

Bring this Message to Your Church or Small Group

Share this Bible study with your church family or small group. All Visionary Family Minsitries Bible studies are available as Video Bible Studies, taught by Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow. These multi-part series are a great way to equip your church and  family to make a difference in the world for Christ! Live Visionary Family Conferences are also available. Hosting a live conference is a powerful way to impact your entire church with a vision for family discipleship. Learn More