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Visionary Marriage: Video Bible Study

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Equipping Couples with a Christian Mission for Life Together

The Visionary Marriage series is a comprehensive resource for Christian couples looking to deepen their understanding of their purpose and mission as a married couple. Created by Dr. Rob Rienow and Amy Rienow, the series includes 5 Bible-driven video sessions that focus on the biblical foundation for marriage, communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, and provides guidance on how to apply these principles to couples’ own lives. The sessions are designed to be beneficial for both newly engaged and long-time married couples as they strive to grow in their relationships with God and with each other.

The five sessions in the series are: The Power of Forgiveness, God’s Mission for Husbands, God’s Mission for Wives, Raising Godly Children, and Generations & the Kingdom of God. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long and provides a biblical perspective on various aspects of marriage and family life, with the ultimate goal of encouraging couples to embrace a shared mission and purpose for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

Session Overviews

Average Length: 40 minutes

Session 1: The Power of Forgiveness
An introduction to God’s purpose for marriage and the essential biblical principles of forgiveness which enable couples to break free from past hurts and forgive one another, as Christ forgives us.

Session 2: God’s Mission for Husbands
God created men and women with equal value, worth, and dignity, but He also created us differently, and He has given us different missions and roles within the marriage and family. This session will encourage men with a biblical vision for their roles as husbands.

Session 3: God’s Mission for Wives
In the same way that God has a powerful and essential mission for husbands, He has the same for wives. This session will encourage wives to embrace the mission God has given them to advance His Kingdom through their marriage and family.

Session 4: Raising Godly Children
One of God’s purposes for marriage is the mission of raising godly children. In this session, couples will be encouraged with a biblical vision for raising children and impacting the world for generations to come.

Session 5: Generations & the Kingdom of God
In the final session, couples will be encouraged with a biblical vision for oneness, and the call to embrace a shared mission and purpose – all for the glory of God and the advance of His Kingdom.

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Share this Bible study with your church family or small group. All Visionary Family Minsitries Bible studies are available as Video Bible Studies, taught by Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow. These multi-part series are a great way to equip your church and  family to make a difference in the world for Christ! Live Visionary Family Conferences are also available. Hosting a live conference is a powerful way to impact your entire church with a vision for family discipleship. Learn More