Conference Template - Visionary Family Ministries

Capture a God-Sized Vision for Your Family

What to Expect

  • A  Free, 2 Day Event
  • $30/Couple
Healing Family Relationships

Sunday Morning Bible Fellowship Groups, 9:30am

Every family struggles with hurt and conflict. There are no perfect families. Because we all fall short, the Christian family needs to become an expert in giving and receiving forgiveness. Whether your family is struggling with daily conflict or working through wounds from many years ago, this message from Dr. Rienow will give you hope and encouragement.

  • Discover biblical principles for seeking peace in your family relationships
  • Learn how God can use you to help reconcile struggling relationships
  • Understand how to establish boundaries when needed
  • See how God can use a spirit of compassion to transform your family
Your Home A Lighthouse

Sunday Morning Worship Service, 10:45am

God wants to use your family to make a difference in the world for Christ. An ordinary Christian home, with all its struggles and imperfections, is a light in this dark world. This message from Dr. Rienow will equip and encourage you from God’s word to strengthen your faith and family relationships so that your home can be a lighthouse.

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Visionary Parenting & Grandparenting

Sunday Evening, 6:00pm–8:00pm

God blesses us with children and grandchildren so that we might do all in our power to help them love and follow Him. Through the three morning sessions you will:

  • Capture a fresh vision for your purpose as a parent
  • Develop a biblical game plan to help your children grow in faith and character
  • Learn the power and importance of family worship and practical ways to get started
  • Be equipped with new ways to respond to discipline situations with a Gospel-driven, heart based approach.
Visionary Marriage Date Night

Monday Evening, 6:00pm–8:00pm

When was the last time you set aside an evening to invest in your marriage? God can use this evening to strengthen your faith and your relationship. Discover biblical principles and practical ways to build a spiritually strong marriage and grow in oneness. Don’t miss this night of encouragement and plenty of laughter. Dessert provided.

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