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Why Should I Read the Genealogies?


Wise FatherGenealogies are not very exciting to read. So-and-so lived this long, and he was the father of so-and-so, and he lived this long, etc. When you do your personal Bible reading, you probably do not spend a great deal of time reading genealogies. In fact, when I am reading my Bible and I come across one, I sometimes skip it and move on to the “good stuff.” But, if every word in Scripture is inspired by God, then the genealogies found throughout the Bible must be important. We have to consider why God included them.

All the genealogies that we find throughout the Old Testament and at the beginning of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell us about something God values highly. They emphasize the power of the connection between generations and of God’s plan to advance His Kingdom through the generations.

You are not alone in this world. You were never meant to be alone. Faith is supposed to come to us through a long line of men and women who know God and love Him. Sadly, few of us have a heritage like that.

I wish I had been blessed with a long legacy of Christian parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Instead, my mother was the first believer in our families tree, I am the first generation of Christian fathers in my family tree. Perhaps you come from a long line of believers. Your call is to take the torch of faith that has been passed to you from your parents and grandparents, and pass it on to your children and grandchildren. Maybe, like me, you are one of the first Christians in your family. What an opportunity God has given you to launch and build a family that will increasingly impact this world for Christ and His Kingdom for generations to come! Multigenerational faithfulness has to start somewhere!

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