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The Secret to a Thankful Heart


The Secret to a Thankful Heart

by | Dec 4, 2013

Thanksgiving was just about one week ago. For most of us, “thankfulness” comes a little easier on that day. After all, that is what the holiday is all about! Perhaps you even sat around your dinner table and shared with friends and family, “What are you thankful for?”

How about now? It is one week later. Has your spirit of thankfulness held fast? So often we look for thankfulness in our circumstances. If things are going well, we are thankful. But what if things are not going well? The truth is that there is a secret to thankfulness. Thankfulness also has enemies. You will come under spiritual attack to prevent thankfulness from growing in your heart. In Psalm 100 God gives us the essential foundation for true thankfulness in our hearts and in our families.