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Generations: Following Jesus as a Family: Video Bible Study

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God Created Your Family to Make a Difference in the World for Christ

“Generations: Following Jesus as a Family” is an eight-session video bible study aimed at helping families grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other. Through exploring God’s purpose for the family, this series will encourage growth in family relationships and inspire generations to live for Jesus. The sessions cover a range of topics, including God’s plan for the world, the power of forgiveness, visionary marriage and parenting, and the importance of motherhood and repentance.

Each session is approximately 40 minutes long and provides biblical principles and practical steps for improving relationships within the family. Session one and two delve into God’s purpose for the institution of the family and Jesus’ teachings on family relationships, while session three focuses on the power of forgiveness for healing and freedom. Session four provides five ways for siblings to grow together in Christ, and sessions five and six offer guidance for visionary marriage and parenting. Session seven explores the strength and dignity of motherhood and session eight delves into the power of repentance for passing on a faithful spiritual legacy to future generations.

Session Overviews

Average Length: 40 minutes

Session 1: Your Family & God’s Plan for the World, Part 1
In the opening session, we will walk through the Old Testament and discover God’s purpose for the institution of the family. God wants to use your family as a light for Christ, and calls you to share Jesus with younger generations.

Session 2: Your Family &  God’s Plan for the World, Part 2
As we now walk through the New Testament, we explore Jesus’ powerful teaching on family relationships, the Great Commission, and how God calls each member of the family to live for Him.

Session 3: The Power of Forgiveness
Every family struggles with sin, hurt, and anger. Many families today are in bondage to bitterness and resentment. God calls us to forgive others, as we ourselves have been forgiven. But how do we do this? In this session, we dig deep into authentic biblical principles for forgiveness, freedom, and healing.

Session 4: Sibling Drama
Sibling relationships are often challenging, both for kids as well as adults. But what if that’s not the way things are meant to be? What if God has a bigger plan for brothers and sisters? Together we’ll learn five ways in which God calls siblings to grow together in Christ and five ways in which we can improve our sibling relationships, however old we are, and however strained those relationships may be.

Session 5: Visionary Marriage
Many Christian couples do not have a biblical mission and purpose for their family; they don’t know WHY God has brought them together. Visionary Marriage will encourage you from God’s Word to capture a fresh vision for your relationship and give both husbands and wives practical steps toward true oneness.

Session 6: Visionary Parenting
Parents and grandparents, God has entrusted you with children for a reason! Do you know what that reason is? In this session we’ll look at the biblical purpose of parenting from Deuteronomy 6 and come away with clear practical steps we can implement at home to draw our children to Christ.

Session 7: A Sacred Trust: Encouragement for Moms
The calling of motherhood is amazing! Sadly, there is a tremendous amount of confusion in our culture about the importance and calling of motherhood. In this session, we explore what the Bible says about the strength and dignity of motherhood, and the essential role moms play in building the Kingdom of God.

Session 8: The Power of Repentance
Spiritual legacies, for good or for bad, are passed through the generations. What is your action plan to pass a more faithful spiritual legacy to the future generations of your family? We’ll look at the power of repentance to break cycles of sin and bring blessing to our children and grand-children.

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Share this Bible study with your church family or small group. All Visionary Family Minsitries Bible studies are available as Video Bible Studies, taught by Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow. These multi-part series are a great way to equip your church and  family to make a difference in the world for Christ! Live Visionary Family Conferences are also available. Hosting a live conference is a powerful way to impact your entire church with a vision for family discipleship. Learn More