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Visionary Parenting

Discover why God entrusted you with children

Helping parents impress the hearts of their children with a love for God.

An 8 Part Video Bible Study That Will Help Capture a God-Sized Vision for Your Family

God’s Grand Vision for the Family
Do you know why God brought your family together? Discover why God created families, and why He gave you your children.

A Vision of Multi-generational Faithfulness
Are we strategically and passionately parenting so that the knowledge and love of God might be passed and expanded through our descendents for generations to come?

A Vision of a God-filled Normal Life
Is God central in your family only in times of crisis, or is the presence and pursuit of God woven through the fabric of your home? How does your weekly schedule communicate your deepest values to your children?

A Vision for a Safe Home
How can we lead and create a home that is emotionally and spiritually safe so that home becomes a place of rest rather than irritation? How does the biblical concept of parental blessing affect the heart of a child?

A Vision of Biblical Fatherhood
Biblical fatherhood is under attack. Husbands, what does it mean to love, serve, and lead our wives? What does it mean to be a spiritual leader?

A Vision of Biblical Motherhood
Biblical motherhood is under attack. Wives, what does it mean to help and respect our husbands? What does it mean to reclaim the nobility of motherhood?

A Vision for Family Worship
Family worship is the centerpiece of the Christian home. How can we faithfully spend time spiritual time together as a family that draws us closer toward the Lord and toward one another?

A Vision of Discipline that Disciples
What is the purpose of discipline? How do we discipline effectively without losing our mind or our child’s heart? This message will help you see discipline from a whole new perspective.

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Learn what’s involved in building a heart-connection with your teen that will bring your whole family together.

Never Too Late

If your adult children are struggling in their faith, it’s not too late for God to use you in their lives.


Catch a vision for how you & your family can make a difference in the world for Christ.

Parenting Through Sexual Confusion

Parenting Through Sexual Confusion

Our kids are growing up in a sexually confused and supercharged culture. Every person, every child, struggles in some form or another with sexual sin and struggle. In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow offers biblical principles and practical guidance for loving and leading our children through areas of sexual struggle and confusion.

Teaching Your Kids Sexuality 101

Teaching Your Kids Sexuality 101

We live in a culture of sexual confusion, chaos, and lies. Christian parents need to understand God’s truth about manhood, womanhood, marriage, and sexuality and we need a plan to help share that truth with our children. In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow will equip you with essential biblical principles about sexuality along with practical ways to share them with your children.

The Influence of the Firstborn Child

The Influence of the Firstborn Child

Firstborn children make a huge impact in a family system. Leadership and character can trickle down from the oldest child to younger siblings, and the opposite is also true. Join Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow, along with their special guest, RW Rienow. They share their stories, key Scriptures, and parenting strategies to help your firstborn child be a spiritual leader for the next generation.

Thanksgiving is Needed Right Now

Thanksgiving is Needed Right Now

Thanksgiving is needed in our world and in our families right now. Not because life is easy, because it is not. Chaos, sickness, and the fear of death swirl around us. We can and should give thanks because God is on His throne. We can say, from Psalm 100, “Know that the Lord is God.