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Visionary Parenting

Discover why God entrusted you with children

Helping parents & grandparents impress the hearts of their children with a love for God.

More Help & Resources for Parents & Grandparents


Learn what’s involved in building a heart-connection with your teen that will bring your whole family together.

Never Too Late

If your adult children are struggling in their faith, it’s not too late for God to use you in their lives.


Catch a vision for how you & your family can make a difference in the world for Christ.

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A Call To Thanksgiving

A Call To Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! This may actually be a week of intense spiritual battle for you and your family. The demonic forces in the world do NOT want you to be thankful, but...

Food, Drink, and Your Family

Food, Drink, and Your Family

Sometimes too much is too much! In the book of Proverbs we are warned against drinking too much alcohol and eating too much food. These issues are rarely discussed in the church today. Most...

The Virtue of Diligence

The Virtue of Diligence

Diligence is an essential virtue for the Christian and the Christian family - and one which we all struggle with to one degree or another. I invite you to listen to this sermon from book of...