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Visionary Parenting

Discover why God entrusted you with children

Helping parents & grandparents impress the hearts of their children with a love for God.

More Help & Resources for Parents & Grandparents


Learn what’s involved in building a heart-connection with your teen that will bring your whole family together.

Never Too Late

If your adult children are struggling in their faith, it’s not too late for God to use you in their lives.


Catch a vision for how you & your family can make a difference in the world for Christ.

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Can Your Child Stand Alone?

Can Your Child Stand Alone?

The day is coming, if it has not already come, when your child will need to stand alone for Christ and for the truth. It is wonderful to have a Christian family, Christian friends, and a Christian church around you. But sometimes, our faith requires us to stand firm for Jesus all by ourselves.

Do Your Kids Have Goals?

Do Your Kids Have Goals?

Setting goals with your children each year can be a powerful way to help them grow in faith and character. How would you like to see your child grow during this next year, spiritually, socially, academically, and in life skills?