Family Mission trip update October 22 God has blessed our ministry here in the former Soviet Union. During the past 10 days We have held conferences for pastors and parents in Chisenau, Odessa, and Kiev. The Moscow events begin tonight. I thought I would describe one of our important leanings through the following quiz. As with conferences in the US, people ask many questions out things they are facing in their own families. Below you will find five questions parents ask. Your job is to figure out of the question came from a seminar in Oklahoma or from parents here in the Former Soviet Union. 1. I am struggling with how to discipline my teenager. It seems he doesn’t care about anything. What help can you give me? A. Former Soviet Union B. Oklahoma 2. My husband is a Christian, but is not a spiritual leader of our family. What can I do, as a wife, to help him? A. Former Soviet Union B. Oklahoma 3. Both of us are working. How can we find the time to pray and read the Bible to our children at home? A. Former Soviet Union B. Oklahoma 4. I have a lot of anger toward my own parents. Could this anger cause problems in my relationships with my children? A. Former Soviet Union B. Oklahoma 5. How old should children be before you start family worship in the home? A. Former Soviet Union B. Oklahoma This quiz could have 100 questions. Hopefully by now you get the point. Parents are asking the same questions all over the world. There are core struggles in every home. Thank God for the Bible! The needs of every culture are addressed completely in the pages of Scripture. This trip was not about sharing “western ideas” about parenting, but to share the clear vision and principles God has given us for family life in the Bible. His Word accomplishes His purposes! God’s Love, Rob Rienow Visionary Family Ministries Please forgive any typos as this was written on my mobile device