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Not One Man Raised His Hand


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Our small church ( had our monthly men’s ministry meeting this past Monday night. There were sixteen men there, along with ten of their sons and grandsons. The “young men” ranged in age from 6-16.

At the start of the meeting I asked the men, “How many of you, when you were the age of these boys here, ever had the opportunity to do what we are are doing here tonight. Did you ever, even once, have the opportunity to sit in a room with older Christian men and have them encourage you to follow Jesus?”

Out of those sixteen men, not one, not one man, during all their growing up years, had the blessed opportunity to gather in a room, in the company of men who had repented of their sins, who had trusted Christ, who believed the Bible, and who were seeking to live for Him. How can a boy grow into a man if he is never in the company of men?!

I then asked, “How many of you men would have loved to have had the opportunity these boys have right now?” Every hand shot up fast and high!

A highlight of the night for me was toward the end of the evening when we gathered in small groups for prayer and my 11 year old son prayed, “Lord, thank you that I could be here tonight. Help all of us boys to love you and become godly men.”

God, please answer my son’s prayer!

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