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My Uncle Would Not Be Pleased


Satan and the demons are doing all they can to war against the Lord of Hosts. They cannot hurt Him directly, so they focus all of their weapons on those He loves. Satan’s top priority is to strike at the core sphere. More than anything else, he desires to turn the hearts and minds of all people away from God and away from His Word.

He then uses all of the evil weapons at his disposal to wage war against people in the second sphere – family. Satan has “gone nuclear” in his war against marriage and babies. Delay marriage! Avoid marriage! Pervert marriage! Delay babies! Avoid babies! Neglect babies! Kill babies!

These demonic cries are echoed throughout our culture today. Satan has raised up entire institutions and movements to wage against God’s family. Atheistic evolution is now systematically taught to every child in the Unites States in the government schools. Planned Parenthood is carrying forward the eugenic vision of the 1920s to eliminate as many black and Hispanic children as possible. Communist, socialist, and totalitarian regimes around the world share a common commitment – to prevent children from being born.

My great uncle, Robert Rienow, was a national leader in the population control movement in the 60s and 70s. In a chapter entitled “Too many people,” he talked about the catastrophic results which were sure to come when the population of the United States crossed 300 million around the year 2000. He argued that a small group of intellectual elites must take over functional control of the country and do what was necessary to limit the population. While none of his predictions of disaster have come to pass, his strategic plan for population control is moving forward with great success.

The first step would be to establish a federal population commission. This would be a propaganda organ, educating the masses as to the connection between rising population and lowering quality of life.

Secondly, the tax system should be revised as to eliminate any deduction for children; indeed, luxury taxes should be placed on such revered items as diapers and baby bottles.

Third, there should be passed federal laws which not only toss out state laws limiting physician-approved abortions, but provide for mandatory teaching of the need for birth control in all public schools.

Fourth, the shortsighted programs on death control so favored by federal subsidy in biomedicine should give way to the “broader areas” of research in population control.

Should all these fail, scientists tell us, compulsory birth regulation would be the next step.

When my uncle wrote these strategic steps, they were merely proposals. Today, many of them have been thoroughly implemented. Satan is not flailing blindly against the will of God and the people of God. He focuses his greatest firepower against the God’s foundational institution of the family.

I am sure that my uncle would not be pleased to see our six children, but we know God is!
Robert and Leona Train Rienow, Man Against His Environment, (Sierra Club: San Francisco, 1970) 22-23.