My Marriage Prayer Life = D- Visionary Family Ministries

My Marriage Prayer Life = D-


For the first twelve years of our marriage, I would give myself a D- grade in the area of taking the lead in praying with Amy. It was probably more like an F, but D- makes me feel a little better. As God began to turn my heart toward Amy, I increasingly fought through the awkwardness and spiritual resistance to pray with her. We began praying together each night before going to sleep. For a few years now, we have been praying faithfully together. I have many more years of failure than success, but we are moving in the right direction. It is never too late to repent and focus on the mission. You would think that praying together would be easy now, right? I wish that was true. Here is what happens to me, almost every night, as I get in bed. The Holy Spirit prompts me, “Rob, you should pray with Amy.” Then comes the spiritual attack. I start feeling awkward, hesitant, and even a little embarrassed. Where could those feelings possibly come from? Is God making me feel that way? Obviously, not. Is Amy bristling at my attempts to pray with her? No. I am under spiritual attack! The last thing in the world that the forces of evil want me doing is embracing my mission as the spiritual leader in my marriage and in my home. If you want to step into spiritual leadership, you have to step into the battle.

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