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Learning to Serve


In recent years, God has been growing my character in the area of service. One of the ways that God has helped me improve, is by talking with Amy about where her pressure points are. Pressure points can be specific times of the day, or days of the week, which are particularly difficult for her. For instance, we have noticed that Thursdays tend to be emotionally exhausting days for us both. We are a few days into the week’s demands, and we are both feeling a bit frayed. Pressure points can also be particular tasks, chores, or recurring problems. Maybe we are behind with the laundry, or the garbage seems to be continually overflowing. Perhaps there is a chronic discipline issue with the kids which needs additional focus. I am much more effective serving Amy when I ask her about her pressure points and then making a plan to specifically partner with her in those areas. My effort then creates the maximum positive impact for my wife and our home.

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