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Is Church Membership Biblical?


Is Church Membership Biblical?

by | Nov 17, 2013

The idea of “church membership,” or “joining a church,” has become increasingly unpopular in recent decades. It sounds and feels so old-fashioned! Perhaps some associate “membership” with things like Netflix or a country club. Many have said to me, “Rob, I am totally committed to my church, what difference does it make if I am actually a member or not?”

In my travels I frequently find two types of churches. The first type of church boasts “3000 members” but on a typical Sunday there are only about 200 people in worship. The second type of church has only “100 members” but the same core of 500 people are in worship each week. In my judgment, in both of these examples, “church membership” is both dramatically undervalued and most likely biblically misunderstood.

Here is a recent sermon I preached at Gospel Fellowship Church on the question, “Is Church Membership Biblical?” I welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback.

Rob Rienow