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Husband: No Job Description Necessary


Who Needs a Job Description?

Men, imagine that you have been working at the same job, with the same company for ten years. Things are going well. You have respect inside and outside the company. Job security isn’t a concern, and the bills are getting paid. It’s Monday morning, and you show up for another week of work. You sit down at your desk, and as is your habit each morning, you open your top drawer and pull out your job description. Each morning, you go over the points and sub-points, making absolutely sure that you know what you should be doing that day. After all, you would not want to make any critical errors. Reviewing your job description each morning helps you stay on track.

Do any of us do this when we get to work in the morning? No! Why not? Because we know what needs to be done. We understand our jobs, and we don’t need a daily review of our job description. For most of us, that piece of paper comes out once a year at review time.

We don’t need to review our job descriptions because we already have a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful at our jobs, and what our supervisors expect. But what if you had to take a new job that you had never done before, with a new company that you knew nothing about, and with no interview process where you could get additional information? They just told you to show up and get to work. In that case, we would be desperate to get our hands on that job description.

The latter scenario is the way it is for most men when we become husbands and fathers. Being a husband and father are the most important jobs that we will ever do, and yet most of us simply dive into the deep end w  ithout ever having taken a swimming lesson. We must know our job description backwards and forwards. We must have a clear, compelling vision and understanding of what God, our creator, is calling us to be and do.

I imagine that many of you men could relate to my story in the last chapter. I did not have a father who coached me and trained me about how to be godly husband and father. Nor did he give me a godly example to follow. As I have surveyed men at conferences around the country, I have found that less than twenty-five percent of Christian husbands report that their fathers understood and tried to practice the biblical roles for men in the home. Less than one percent report that their father did his best to thoroughly train him for the mission of being a Christian husband and father.

While we may not need to review our job description at work, we are in desperate need of reviewing our job description at home. If we want to be successful visionary husbands, we need to know what the Boss wants. We need to know what being a husband is all about. Thankfully, God, who created the roles of husband and father, has given us a clear job description in the Bible.

Husbands, discover your God-given calling through the Scriptures.