Humbled - Visionary Family Ministries



This post is not going to be polished or carefully edited…just from my heart to the screen…

There is a list of things I said I would never do. One of the the things on that list was, “I will never be in a job/ministry where I have to raise my own support.” For almost 20 years I enjoyed employment. I enjoyed a paycheck every 2 weeks. I enjoyed health insurance being part of the package. So when the Lord called Amy and me to launch Visionary Family Ministries four years ago, and, gulp, raise our own support, I am sure the Lord enjoyed forcing me to cross another “I will never…” off my list.

The best word I can use to describe the process of asking for financial support for your ministry and livelihood, and then receiving it, is humbling. I can’t describe to you the feeling of going to the mailbox every day and literally praying, “Lord, I wonder what blessings and provision you have for us today.” Then when an envelope is there from a friend, an acquaintance, or a complete stranger, with a donation inside – there is such an extraordinary mix of feelings – thankfulness, surprise, relief … but more than anything it is humbling. In a great way. The same thing happens when an email pops up “Donation Received” indicating an online gift.

To think that a friend so much believes in your ministry, your mission, and your message (Lord willing, God’s message from His Word), that they want to give of their resources to accelerate that message and in doing so help provide for your family…is genuinely overwhelming. This whole journey has deepened our dependence on the Lord, our faith in His vision for our lives, and our true love for our friends, family, (and even strangers) who God is using to make Visionary Family Ministries possible. Thanks to the many of you who have been on this journey with us.

Happy New Year!

With Love,

Rob (for Amy and RW, Lissy, JD, Laynie, Milly, Ray, and Rush)