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How Your Children Can Spiritually Impact Their Sports Teams


Christian parents frequently talk about how they want their son or daughter to be a good witness for Christ on their sports teams and about how playing sports in the community is a great way to reach out and build relationships with people who need Jesus. Candidly, I think there is a lot more talk than action when it comes to truly having an impact for Christ through sports. Often times, ministry is simply reduced to “setting a good example,” “having a good attitude,” “being an encourager,” and “not swearing.”

However, I believe there is one simple practice we can teach our children through which they can have a tremendous spiritual impact on every team they play on. Each day, encourage your child to take a moment pray for one teammate. Pray for them by name. Pray for their family. Pray for God to bless them in every way. Your child may or may not be a leader on the field or on the court. He or she may not score many goals or points. But through these few Kingdom moments each day the Lord can use your son or daughter to make an eternal impact on the entire team.

– Dr. Rob Rienow, Visionary Family Ministries,

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