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Help us reach families around the world


Help us reach families around the world

by | Nov 28, 2016

It’s hard to turn on the news today and not be overwhelmed at the incredible needs of families around the globe. Refugees, financial chaos, wars and famines dominate the headlines, and our hearts break at the pain and suffering endured by so many.

While VFM continues to move at full speed reaching families and churches around the United States, the exciting news is that God is throwing the doors wide open for us to reach families and churches around the world.

Overwhelmingly, churches outside the US don’t have Christian resources on marriage and parenting in their own language. Pastors have little or no training in family ministry, and they are crying out for help!

Over the last three years we have served on the Global Advisory Team for the 4/14 Window Movement and now the World Evangelical Alliance. Our team has been tasked with equipping church leaders in 115 nations to develop and launch Bible-driven ministry to families.

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-2-27-49-pmOur first step toward this mission was writing a booklet in partnership with 23 ministry leaders from around the world, called “The Family in Crisis.” You can download the PDF here. The translation process for this booklet is underway with the end goal of making it available in dozens of languages.

In addition to the booklet, we have been asked by the World Evangelical Alliance to mentor family ministry leaders in the region of Southeast Asia. This will be done primarily over Skype with the goal of equipping these national leaders with biblical principles on family ministry and helping them shape a customized plan to reach families in their nations for Christ. What an opportunity!

Finally, we have Visionary Family Conferences scheduled in France (2017), Australia (2018), Singapore (2018), and Bolivia (2019). We have further invitations to Peru, Tanzania, Spain, Malaysia, and India.

Would you consider making a special gift this month to help us walk through these doors that God is opening with His Global Church? You can send a gift using the enclosed envelope or online at

Thank you again for your generous support of our ministry. Reaching the nations for Christ begins by reaching families!

May God Bless You and Your family,

Rob and Amy Rienow
Jonathan and Kari Ziman