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Living For Christ At Home
Living for Christ at Home

How do we, as teenagers, live for Christ at home with our families? Home is where our true character is revealed and the sad truth is that our families often get the worst of our personalities. In this study, we will look at four biblical virtues–honor, love, honesty, and service. God can use these virtues to change our hearts and transform our families.

Helping Your Teen Find Freedom From Anger
Helping Your Teen Find Freedom from Anger

Does your teen struggle with anger, bitterness, or holding grudges? Does your son or daughter have a pattern of chaotic relationships? You can help! Through this audio seminar you will explore essential Scriptures and practical ways you can encourage your teens to experience the forgiveness of God and freedom from anger.

Jesus: The Reigning King: A Guide for Family Worship
Jesus: The Reigning King: A Guide for Family Worship

King Jesus is present in your home every moment of every day. Most Christian families would agree with the above statement. But sadly, most Christian families do not take regular time to worship Jesus, pray to Jesus, and read His Word together as a family. Jesus: The Reigning King will provide you with a simple plan for what could be a transformational week in your family’s history.

Family Vision Podcast

Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow provide practical, encouraging, and real conversations about faith and family. Each episode will give you hope and encouragement to grow in your faith and strengthen your family. Family Vision is the podcast ministry of Visionary Family Ministries.