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Don’t Delegate Your Teen Away!


Don’t Delegate Your Teen Away!

by | May 14, 2016

We live in a world of delegation parenting. Do you want your children to learn to play the piano? Sign them up for piano lessons. Do you want them to learn basketball? Find a coach. Do you want them to learn math? Hire a tutor. Do you want them to learn about Jesus? Take them to a great youth group. Your job is to simply drive the mini-van and drop your children off with the various experts who will teach and train them for

Of course, there is nothing wrong in partnering with teachers, coaches, and tutors as we seek to educate and raise our children. However, when it comes to their spiritual training and the nurturing of their faith, no Christian program can ever replace you! It is so easy for us to slip into the mindset that a youth group or a Christian school is all our teens need to grow in the faith and love for God. However, He has called us as fathers and mothers to be the primary spiritual trainers of our children. Youth groups and Christian education can provide a “spiritual vitamin” boost for our kids, but they were never designed to be a “spiritual meal.”

The teen years are NOT the years to unplug – but engage and parent like never before!

Rob and Amy

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