D6 Conference 2012 Special Offer - Visionary Family Ministries

D6 Conference 2012 Special Offer


The D6 Conference is doing a special promotion for readers of my blog. Everyone who registers for the D6 Conference before March 30 using the code VisionaryD6 will get a free copy of my book Visionary Marriage. If you register 10 people from your group, you get 10 books. Register 20, get 20 books, etc. A great deal!

I am looking forward to my series of labs at D6, and would love to have you join me on September 26-28 in Dallas, TX. The conference is focusing on what it means for parents to Abide in Christ and how that impacts the faith of their children. Other speakers include Dennis Rainey, Kara Powell, Jim Wideman, Sean McDowell, Tim Elmore, Brian Haynes, Shane and Shane, Bethany Dillon, Richard Ross, and many others.

You can register at www.d6conference.com/registration or by calling 1.800.877.7030.