A Unique Parenting Seminar Coming to Chicagoland | Visionary Family Ministries

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 7.02.41 PMI want to invite you to join me Saturday morning, November 16th, from 830-1000am at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, IL for a unique parenting seminar. This seminar is for parents of teens and our focus will be Preparing Our Sons and Daughters For Success in Marriage and Parenting. 

It is very likely God will call your sons and daughters to be married. It is very likely God will bless them with children. If indeed He does, their future marriage, their future children, their future family will be their most important ministry. It will be their most important calling. It will be the most challenging Kingdom mission of their lives. It is up to us to equip them for success. Now is the time, while they are teens, that we can give them a biblical vision for Christian marriage, parenting, and family – and do all in our power to prepare them for success.

The seminar is free but you do need to RSVP to seminars@wheatonacademy.org

I hope to see you at 830am November 16th at Wheaton Academy – ROOM 202 / THE LEARNING LAB! Follow the signs in the main academic building.



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