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A Tribute To My Wife – One Amazing Volunteer


This is a tribute to my wife Amy. In particular, I want to praise her for being such an amazing volunteer. It astounds me how she serves in so many different ministries. She is one of the most dedicated “Matthew 25” Christians I know. In that chapter of the Bible, Jesus calls his followers to show their love for Him, by their sacrificial love for others. Amy lives this vision in extraordinary ways.

She volunteers in a clothing ministry. Amy helps to purchase, organize, and provide clothes for people who don’t have the needed resources to do it on their own.

She also serves in a food ministry. She spends many hours each month shopping and preparing meals for others, and frequently delivers meals to those in need.

Amy has a great love for children. Because of this she provides a tutoring ministry. She often gives her time, even on weekends, to help children keep up with their school work.

Another area where she serves is with a transportation ministry. For those of us who have cars, and are able to get around on our own, it is easy to forget that there are many who don’t have their own transportation. Every weekend, Amy gives of her time and effort to help others get to church. Sometimes these people need rides during the week as well, and Amy is right there to offer her help.

While there are many other ways that Amy volunteers, a fifth one that I would like to mention here, takes a great deal of her heart and time. She volunteers each week with a medical ministry. Helping to care for the sick and hurting takes not only physical energy, but emotional energy as well. She bandages wounds, prays for them, and even runs errands to pick up needed medicines. Amy gives her heart and soul to others, at great personal cost to herself.

Perhaps you are wondering, “How does Amy have the time to serve in all these ministries?” She lives this missional, externally focused, Matthew 25 life, by being a mom. She clothes and feeds our children, who can’t do these things for themselves. She tutors and teaches our children every day. She provides needed transportation and medical care. The list could go on and on. My wife Amy is one amazing volunteer and I could not be more thankful for her.

Rob Rienow

Visionary Family Ministries