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Bashing Dads in Church


Father’s Day is coming up fast. In many churches, an entire sermon will be dedicated to the issue of fatherhood. Sadly, many of these sermons will be laced with jokes about how men are bumbling idiots, how they are passive spiritually, and to top it off, how they are all addicted to online porn.

When was the last Mother’s Day sermon you heard where the pastor called out the ladies on their immodest dress, gossip, and facebook addiction? You don’t hear that stuff on Mother’s Day, because we want that to be a day to celebrate and honor moms and motherhood – as it should be.

If you are a pastor or church leader, if you will be speaking to father’s this month, use this opportunity to bless them, encourage them, and challenge them. Cast a noble vision from the Bible for fatherhood and grandfatherhood. Remind them that if God has given them children and grandchildren, He has given them a world changing mission to disciple the next generation for the glory of God. Preach in such a way that every young boy and teenage son listening to you will come away pleading with God to bless him with children someday so he too could serve the Lord through being a dad.

Never make jokes which poke fun at men and manhood. You wouldn’t make sexist jokes about women would you? A Bible-driven church honors men and women equally. Let Father’s Day be, both in your homes and in your churches, a day to encourage, bless, and honor those God has called into the Great Commission ministry of fatherhood!