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Visionary Single Parenting: Participant Study Guide (PDF)


A Blessing & Encouragement to Any Single Parent

“Visionary Single Parenting: Encouragement for Single Parents” is a 4 part video series designed to provide support and guidance to single parents. The series is also a valuable resource for churches looking to assist single moms and dads. The sessions are designed to help single parents create a clear plan for passing their faith onto their children and provide encouragement from God’s word to overcome everyday challenges.

Each session is about 40 minutes in length and covers important topics such as prioritizing building a strong relationship with your children, leading your family in worship, understanding forgiveness, fighting in the spiritual realm, and disciplining in a way that disciples. Each session is filled with biblical principles and practical ways to grow and strengthen your family’s faith and relationship with God. This video series is sure to be a blessing and encouragement to single parents and will provide the tools needed to help their children grow in faith and character.

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