Generations Video Bible Study


Visionary Family Ministries brand-new Generations: Following Jesus as a Family Bible study is designed to equip believers from every generations to live for Christ in their family relationships, and to help families catch a vision to make a difference in the world for Christ. This study contains 8 Bible-driven sessions and are availableon  DVD or USB Thumb-drive. Each set also includes a PDF study-guide which contains outlines for every session as well as group discussion questions. You can also download the Study Guide here: Study Guide PDF

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Hope & Help for Your Family Relationships

A Unique 8 Part Video Series

God created your family to make a difference in the world for Christ! But family relationships are not easy. Marriages come under attack. Parenting is a daily struggle. Children argue and fight. How can we help the generations of our family follow Jesus?

Join us for an eight-session journey as we explore God’s purpose for the family. We need God’s grace and mercy in our homes every day, and we believe God will use the Scriptures in this series to encourage you to grow in your family relationships, so that the generations of your family will live for Jesus.

  1. Your Family & God’s Plan for the World, Part 1
  2. Your Family & God’s Plan for the World, Part 2
  3. The Power of Forgiveness
  4. Sibling Drama
  5. Visionary Marriage
  6. Visionary Parenting
  7. A Sacred Trust: Encouragement for Moms
  8. The Power of Repentance

Perfect for Families &  Small Groups

This brand new video Bible study is perfect for small groups, adult classes, neighborhood groups or to experience as a family. God wants to us to live for Him in our family relationships, and use our families to make a difference in the world. This set contains eight sessions and a PDF study-guide perfect for group study.