Father & Son Together (Digital Download)


Fathers, do you know why your relationship with your son is so important?
Sons, do you know why your relationship with your father is so important?

Father and Son Together will help you discover the answer to these vital questions. God has chosen to bring fathers and sons together for a Kingdom mission–but if we don’t know what that mission is, we have no chance of success. In these four messages, Dr. Rob Rienow teaches fathers and sons together what the Bible says about the importance of their relationship and how to build a father/son relationship that is dedicated to a multi-generational mission for Christ and His Kingdom.

Message 1 — Father and Son 101

Message 2 — The Power of Forgiveness

Message 3 — Building a Multi-Generational Vision, Part 1

Message 4 — Building a Multi-Generational Vision, Part 2

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