The Power of God’s Word

God’s word is powerful and Satan knows it. He is always employing strategies to keep those who have faith in Christ from growing. Learn what some of those strategies are and one critical strategy of your own to keep him from succeeding.

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The Power of Servant Leadership: Living for Christ at Home, Part 4

In our culture and communities, we talk a lot about leadership. How can you be a leader among your friends? How can you be a leader at school? How can you be a leader in the world? However, although leadership is a valuable attribute, I believe that we have lost one of the most important aspects of leadership. Like anything in life, we can look to the Bible to find what it means to be a true leader.

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Is Your Marriage a House with No Foundation?

Getting married without a Christ-centered, Bible-driven purpose is like building a house without a foundation. It can be done. You can purchase a plot of ground, and pay someone to starting building you a house…right there on the grass. The frame will go up, and the...

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