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Live for Christ at Home

Build a heart-connection with your teen that will bring your whole family together.

How do we as teenagers, live for Christ at home with our families? If you are growing up in a Christian church, you have probably heard messages like, “Be a light in your community! Reach your friends for Christ! Show Christ’s love to others!”

While all of this is true and important, I believe that we frequently neglect to practice these things within our homes and with our families. The home is where our true character is revealed and the sad truth is that our families often get the worst of our personalities. Think of it this way. When was the last time you stormed out of a classroom after yelling at your teacher? The answer for many of us would be never. However, when was the last time you yelled or got annoyed at a parent or sibling?

Living for Christ goes so much deeper than just being a “good person” at school or church. One of the greatest tests of spiritual maturity is our attitude and actions towards our own family. Throughout high school, I was constantly being told what a good kid I was and how mature I was. And at home my parent were encouraging me but pointing out immaturities that they could see and I was legitimately blind to. And they’d point these things out to me and I’d be like you guys are crazy everyone else just tells me how great I am why can’t you just agree. maybe some of you have a similar issue with your parents. And for all of I want this to sink in that who you are at home, is who you really are. All of my selfishness, and rudeness to my family thats who I really was. And if who I am at home is who I really am, it doesn’t take long to see that my character needs some serious improvement. I need to grow in Christlikeness. We all do! I think we can all agree that we are all sinful, but that growth to become more like Christ begins with who we are at home and with our families. God needs to do a work in my own heart and turning my heart to my family as a part of my life on mission for Him.

I will be the first to admit that living for Christ at home is a struggle! As a natural extrovert, I tend to give my energy and passion to things outside my home without thinking of how God might use me to minister and bless my family.

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