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Visionary Marriage

Discover God's purpose for Your marriage

Equipping engaged & married couples with a Christian mission for life together.

A 5 Part Video Bible Study That Will Help Couples Capture a God-Sized Vision for Marriage

The Power of Forgiveness
An introduction to God’s purpose for marriage and the essential biblical principles of forgiveness which enable couples to break free from past hurts and forgive one another, as Christ forgives us.

God’s Mission for Husbands
God created men and women with equal value, worth, and dignity, but He also created us differently, and He has given us different missions and roles within the marriage and family. This session will encourage men with a biblical vision for their roles as husbands.

God’s Mission for Wives
In the same way that God has a powerful and essential mission for husbands, He has the same for wives. This session will encourage wives to embrace the mission God has given them to advance His Kingdom through their marriage and family.

Raising Godly Children
One of God’s purposes for marriage is the mission of raising godly children. In this session, couples will be encouraged with a biblical vision for raising children and impacting the world for generations to come.

Generations & the Kingdom of God
In the final session, couples will be encouraged with a biblical vision for oneness, and the call to embrace a shared mission and purpose – all for the glory of God and the advance of His Kingdom.

Help for Your Marriage & Family Relationships

Christian marriage is under assault in our world today. If you want to truly pursue the marriage God has for you, be prepared for resistance. You will have to push back on the shallow vision of marriage that comes from the culture around you. It won't be easy. But it will be worth it.

Preparing for Marriage

Capture a God-sized vision for your marriage.

Healing Family relationships

A guide to peace & reconciliation.


Catch a vision for how you & your family can make a difference in the world for Christ.

Every Family Is Hurting

Every Family Is Hurting

Every family experiences conflict, hurt, and brokenness. There are two big reasons for this reality. First, each of us struggles with sin and character problems. Therefore, when multiple people with...

Visionary Marriage

Visionary Marriage

Can a Christian man and a Christian woman be married to one another, but not have a Christian marriage? Absolutely. Two Christians can say “I do,” but not have a shared, compelling, Bible‐driven...

A Wife’s Call To Prayer

A Wife’s Call To Prayer

It has been more than three years that there has been an urging in me that I needed to pray more consistently and intentionally for my husband. While I pray a lot about my marriage, that is often a...

A Great Gift for Your Kids

Thoughts for husbands... How a man relates to his wife dramatically affects the entire family, and directly affects the souls of his children. When a man loves, serves, and leads his wife, he...

A Husband’s True Love

A Husband’s True Love

God explains "true love" in 1 Corinthians 13. There are seven positive (do) elements, such as being patient. There are eight negative (do not) elements, such as not being easily angered. True love...

A Husband’s True Love

Husband: No Job Description Necessary

Who Needs a Job Description? Men, imagine that you have been working at the same job, with the same company for ten years. Things are going well. You have respect inside and outside the company. Job...