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Screenshot 2014-12-19 21.50.32With Christmas and New Year’s Day fast approaching, many churches take a break from their Sunday school and youth group ministries. This means that children who are normally in their own Sunday morning programming will be sitting in church with you! Gulp.

Have no fear! Christians have worshipped with all ages together from the time of the early church in the New Testament all the way through the mid-20th century. In fact, if you grew up in a church going family you may have attended church with your parents…and lived to tell about it.

Here are some important questions on this issue:

Does the Bible have anything to say about kids worshipping with their parents?

What are some practical ways we can help our kids get the most out of church?

What would it look like for a church to have multi-generational fellowship and multi-generational discipleship?

These are some of the questions I seek to answer in this message, “ALL TOGETHER CHURCH.” You can stream or DOWNLOAD it for free. I hope that you listen, pass it on, and share your thoughts and responses with me.

– Rob Rienow

P.S. Learn more about uniting churches and families for the Gospel HERE.

Listen to “All Together Church”…


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